“Miss Michelle” Saighman – Director

Miss Michelle  has an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor’s degree in Human Service and a Masters in Social Work. Early on in her career, someone once asked her, “Are you just going to be a baby sitter for your whole life?” and her response was, “No! I am going to be an Early Childhood Educator.” She has a passion for providing the best early childhood experience to the children that she serves. Miss Michelle provides a strong emphasis on social and emotional development of the children in her room by utilizing resources like a feelings tent that allows children time to themselves as well as providing multiple modes of sensory input to help children learn to manage themselves. She also uses music and movement on a consistent basis to help children learn in multiple different ways to play to their strengths. In her personal life, Miss Michelle is also a Service Dog Foster Parent and is charged with socializing future service dogs. This also provides CLLC with a unique opportunity to provide an additional service to their children, as Miss Michelle brings her foster dog “Canty” into the center two days a week. Studies have been shown that animals provide children an effective way to help them learn and develop.

“Miss Heather” Hughes – Lead Teacher
“Miss Leslie” Anderson – AM Para
“Miss Karen” Kiefat – PM Lead Teacher

Miss Karen has worked with children for 15+ years and has a love for being around and connecting with children. She has a fantastic ability to connect with all children and make them feel special and loved. You might never know it by meeting her, but she is actually a bookkeeper and accountant by trade and has worked at her “real job” for 35 years. Miss Karen reports that it is a joy to be able to come to CLLC and spend time with the children. No matter what the stress of the day has been, once she walks through the doors, it all melts away. Miss Karen decided to come to work at CLLC after her daughter moved out of state. After going from attending activities for her daughter night after night to having nothing to do, she decided that she would take on a second job. Fortunately for CLLC, this has become more than just a job for her; she has become part of the family. Miss Karen makes a real impression on both the children and the parents by making a point to attend the children’s games and activities that they are involved in outside of CLLC, as well as making a point to give the children something special on their birthdays and for graduation. The real success for her is watching the children grow and change while they are at CLLC. She remembers one child who really struggled when he first started at the center. The child was not able to say more than a few words and was not potty trained, but when he graduated CLLC, the child was talking in full sentences and accident free. Another child she watched grow went from being teary-eyed all the time to walking in the doors of Kindergarten full of confidence.

“Miss Amanda” Stewart – AM Lead Teacher
“Miss Vicki” Gregory – Janitor/Substitute

Miss Vicki has been a part of CLLC for the past 7 years and brings with her a vast assortment of experience. She has received her certification in Child Development and an Associates in Early Childhood Education. Miss Vicki has been working with children for 33 years as a day care and preschool teacher and is currently an early childhood special education paraeducator at a local public school. She is also involved as a Sunday school teacher in her church. Although she steps in anytime she can as a substitute teacher at CLLC, her main role in the center is as the janitor. As a janitor, Miss Vicki is very interactive with the children. It is important for Miss Vicki to show the children that every job is important, and it takes people of all kinds and doing all jobs to make the world go round. In her interactions with the children, they learn that their actions and behaviors affect other people. Visitors to CLLC are often times reminded, by the children, to use only one paper towel after washing their hands. Helping Miss Vicki is often a reward for the children. Miss Vicki feels like this helps the children learn life skills, as well as encouraging them to take pride in keeping the center clean and running well. Miss Vicki feels proud of the work she does at CLLC when at the end of the day her helpers thank her for letting them help her, and she knows that the help they provided made them feel good about themselves.

“Miss Debbe” Freel – Office Assistant/Substitute

Miss Debbe is Miss Brenda’s right hand woman, helping keep the office organized and running smoothly. She has a Bachelor’s degree in elementary and early childhood education. She spent 21 years of her career as a Kindergarten Teacher and has a good knowledge base for what schools are looking for in the incoming Kindergarten class. She has also been instrumental in developing a preschool program as an Early Childhood Education Coordinator and has functioned as a director, so she has a good understanding of what it takes to run a center. Through all her experience mentioned above as well as her experience as a lead teacher and paraeducator, Miss Debbe brings a mountain of expertise and knowledge.